Fragrant pot Faker's expression is wrapped in laughter, turning over netizens'sword devil one Q four


This time, the reform of All-Star competition system has more joy than before. Even the 1V1 Solo tournament is so cold that Rookie and Uzi all failed to win the final. The ensuing All-Star LPLvsLPL is also full of entertainment, many famous scenes, such as the expression pack made by the netizens below.

Shyjes used to have four PDDs with one cannon in ancient times, but now there are four plum peels with one sword and one magic knife in the fragrant pot. Faker just wanted to choose Zack to mix up, but he didn't expect to be targeted by the spicy pot to become a salute PDD. Four plum peels were crushed to pieces under the Q of the fragrant pot. Rookie just needed to mend the flat A peel and it was completely gone.

It used to be SKT beating LPL and RNG, Li Ge was not afraid to face the small tiger in the chafing dish. All kinds of show two, S7 even played one Bao four, and we can't do anything with him. That's the power of the God of electronic competition. But this year's SKT has fallen from the altar. On the contrary, RNG and IG have become the new hegemony. Especially Xiangguo can be called the new generation of wildlife. This All-Star Game also clearly arranged Li Ge, and there appeared a famous scene of four plum peels. It seems that the fragrant pot is fun, that is, Li Ge's heart is suffocating, do not know when to vent out.



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