Embarrassed! Real Madrid is the last-to-last winner. It's all up to them to win

Real Madrid almost overturned on the road in the face of the last-to-last Wesca in the league. After Bell scored an early goal and won a fantastic start, Real Madrid suddenly lost itself, was occupied by Viska's initiative, and was besieged by the other side at the last moment, the scene was called a mess.

eal Madrid's performance in the first half was somewhat abnormal, with only two shots in 45 minutes, which set the team's worst record of the season, even during Lopeggi's coaching period, they did not have such a poor shooting performance. At the beginning of the second half, Veska almost finished the goal. Ferrero crossed the left side, Ramos missed the ball, and Melello almost faced the empty goal at close range. But he made the ball head off and let Real Madrid escape.

This shot did not sober Real Madrid players, but let Veska see the hope of equalizing the score. By the last 20 minutes of the game, the scene of Weska's half-court siege of Real Madrid was formed, especially in the final stage of the game, which almost turned into a half-court offensive and defensive drill. But it's a pity that Vesca wastes his chances many times, while Real Madrid is very defensive. You can't imagine that the team that besieged Real Madrid was the bottom team in La Liga.


In the last few minutes of the game, Vesca missed the chance one after another. In 87 minutes, Hernandez turned around and volleyed the score. Then Vesca's free-kick was saved by Kurtouva. In the ninety-first minute, Rivera's shot was on the verge of getting in, but Cavahar headed it off near the goal line. Real Madrid can win. Thank God.



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