Mlxg All-Star self-mockery diamond player Netizens found fatal details: Teacher pot does not meet th


Shortly after the end of the OL All-Star Competition, the participants in the LPL competition area got very good results and performed well. In these LPL contestants, Mlxg mocked the "diamond segment" during the interview session after the Solo competition, and it turned out that the interview had let the netizens find a fatal detail!

The details that netizens found were long ago that RNG had publicly recruited competitors with minimum requirements and conditions, which required them to be masters of Korean clothes or king of the canyon. In this interview, Mr. Guo only had diamonds in the self-exposed section, and was hammered by netizens as "relatives" of RNG.

In addition, some fans mentioned the strict segment requirements of the RNG team before. As the most standardized Club of LPL management, even for the star players in the team, RNG also has the requirement for the means of selection. If it fails to meet the standard, it will deduct the salary according to the degree.

Of course, these are all ridicules of netizens, but Teacher Guo also expressed great concern about the section in the interview. He once answered in the interview: "I don't like the name of spicy diamond set, because it feels like saying that my ranking can only be in the diamond section." A grieving reply made the fans laugh happier.



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