From Artest to Wade, how many Kobe Bryant has conquered in his 20-year career

A good journalist once asked Kuban, who in the league can replace Nowitzki alone? Cuban answered: If anyone, that person must be Kobe, and only Kobe. What is Nowitzki's position in Kuban's mind? That's to give the team to him directly. Why does Kuban also have such a high opinion of Kobe? The answer is simple: Kobe convinced Cuban with his court performance. The victim of Kobe Bryant's 62-point slash in three quarters was Cuban's Mavericks, who scored 61 points in three quarters. The Cuban announces the season reimbursement directly after the match. Above, Kuban can't help standing up and applauding when he sees Bryant hit a magical three-point left hand.


It's not easy to convince players like Wade. After all, they are superstars who are afraid of them? But Kobe Bryant convinced Wade with his performance on the court.

1. Many fans should remember Kobe Bryant's three-point strike on Wade's head, which Wade had defended very well, but he threw the ball in a very awkward position. Wade told Bryant after the game: "That's what you can do. If anyone else, I'll just smash his dressing room."

In the final 10 years of the Finals, Kobe Bryant made seven consecutive hits against the Green Army at the last minute, and after three points, he was able to pick up all kinds of tricks. Wade was shocked when he let the sidelines watch the battle. He shook his head and burst into his mouth: damn!

Artest is a well-known thorn in the league. It's not common people who want to convince him. Artest was madly provocative against Bryant in a game, and in the remaining six minutes, Bryant completely exploded Artest at both ends of the offense and defense. Including: a cap, two steals, a layup, a stop jump shot, a 2 + 1, a far three. After Artest was convinced, he joined the Lakers directly to help Bryant win the championship.

The Spurs coach Popovich did not hesitate to praise Kobe Bryant on many occasions. Why does the Master like him so much? Perhaps Kobe Bryant's shock to Popovich was too great in the playoffs. Perhaps the biggest threat to the Spurs is not O'Neill, but Kobe Bryant, who blows up their defence at both ends of the offense and defense. Popovich once said frankly: We didn't lose to the Lakers, we just lost to Kobe.

Play O'neal

After Bryant lost the Finals in 2008, O'Neill satirized Bryant by rapping in the nightclub, which meant that I could not win the championship without Bryant. But Kobe Bryant succeeded in winning two consecutive championships. O'Neill's attitude changed dramatically. He was full of admiration for Kobe in both interviews and commentaries. At the superstar level, it may be the championship that really convinces people



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