Depth | Max Dark Horse is exposed to general disagreement! How far can you go depends on him?


On Dec. 2, the Bucks lost to the Knicks in overtime away from home. Middleton played only 18 minutes and did not play in the final and overtime games.

When it came to this, Middleton took the initiative: "The reason is very simple. It's my problem. I didn't finish the defensive task." His opponent Feng Lai 6 won 15 points. Middleton scored a net loss of 9 points in 18 minutes and did not perform very well.

The Bucks were six points ahead in the last two minutes, and the alphabet brother was on the inside first.

There was also an episode in the game, when Heizonia snatched the alphabet brother, who tried to cover it from behind but failed. After hitting the ball and landing, Heizonia glared at the alphabet brother lying on the ground and stepped over him.

Brother Alphabet was serious when he was interviewed: "Next time something happens, it will break its egg." "

The letter was frustrated, and the contradiction between Middleton and coach Holzer was also digged out. On December 6, the Bucks won the Pistons at home. Middleton did not play for personal reasons. On December 8, the Bucks lost at home to the Warriors, and Middleton returned with only 10 points and 8 rebounds.

According to NBA reporter Gery Woelfel, Middleton and coach Holzer had a heated argument, the former in training temper and curse.

Gery Woelfel wrote on Twitter: "It's not uncommon for professional athletes to quarrel with coaches and have confrontational feelings. Sometimes the problem is solved quickly; sometimes the contradiction is difficult to reconcile and becomes a problem for the team. Recently, Middleton and Boden Holzer had a heated argument, the situation is not very optimistic.

After paying the price of one first round plus one second round, the team introduced George Hill to ditch Henson's big contract with Dravidowa. This operation not only strengthened the depth of the bench, but also made room for next summer. Hill has only one million guarantee contracts next year. The Bucks pay one round and then come back to 2000 next year. In addition to the guarantee contract, next year the Bucks will have nearly 50 million salary space on hand, and nearly 70 million yuan from the luxury tax line after retaining bird rights. This year, four of the team's five main players are facing renewal next year. The Bucks'management has made a beautiful deal.

As everyone knows, Middleton is the primary goal of the team's contract renewal, half-court range, skilled singles skills, the Clippers, the Lakers and other teams are eager to see him, next year he will obviously be happy to raise a top salary.

In the last ten games, Middleton averaged only 14.6 points per game, with a shooting percentage of 37.4%. Will bad performance shake the Bucks'minds? What is more important than 150 million at the key nodes of the contract year?

Has Holzer changed the Bucks and introduced the ability to open up space? Does this weaken Middleton's tactical position and change his playing style lead to contradictions between the two?

The biggest change in Middleton's data this season comes from three-point scoring. Last season, 84.2% of Middleton was assisted by three points. This season, the percentage dropped to 58.6%. Last season, 15.8% of non-assisted three-point scoring rose sharply to 41.4% this season. The same is true for two-point scoring. Middleton's independent scoring ratio has increased by nearly 10% compared with last season. The proportion of changes in attack mode is shown in the figure.

The biggest change is Middleton's many more cover shots and face singles, that is to say, Holzer actually designed many cover shots for Middleton, which is also an important role of Lopez's arrival. In the difficulty of starting, Middleton's vacancy rate in the two seasons is actually only 1%, dry pull. The percentage of jump shots is 7.9% lower than that of last season, and the fixed-point shooting is reduced. There are more shots with their own balls. There is little difference in difficulty. The biggest drop in Middleton's efficiency is his low backstroke. Last season, more than 79% of the players in the league, this season is 29%.

Middleton's performance is not as good as last season. There are some reasons for the tactical changes, but it's more about the adjustment of his own state.

So Middleton, who knew he was wrong, lost to the Warriors: "We talked once, we went forward, everything has been positive since then."

After the chat, Middleton came back to look at the team leader's alphabet brother.

New York coach Fitzdale said about the defensive alphabet: "Do you have a tractor? What about tanks? Can man stand in his way?"



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