Announcement of Official Chinese Version of TGA 2018 on the Chinese Official Website of Song of Song


The Song of Songs supports simplified Chinese, but the official website of simplified Chinese has not been opened yet, but we can get official first-hand information from the official website of traditional Chinese. Recently, the traditional Chinese official website of the hymn has been launched. The following is the official Chinese version of the story announcement posted by BioWare on TGA 2018.

The Demo will be open from January 25 to 27. Players who subscribe to EA/origin or subscribe to the game can try out the demo. Players can get exclusive items in the game to show themselves as "one of the first people to play".

However, BioWare will also open a trial version for all players from February 1 to 3, which will be available to PC, PS4 and Xbox One players on all platforms.

This time, Demo is different from Alpha Seal, which tends to be technically tested with very limited functionality and content, but Demo is a full-featured official version of the game. If you are not confident about the hymn and dare not buy it, then you can try it out in person on February 1 and decide whether to buy it or not based on the experience of these three days.

"We live in an unfinished world. The gods took the pure creative power of the hymn to build our world. But before they were able to complete the project, the shaper gods suddenly disappeared. Only a piece of land and all kinds of devices scattered in it and their creations are left behind. The abandoned artifacts are attracted by the hymn and continue to shape the terrain, resulting in tragic disasters, powerful storms and changing beasts.

In order to survive in this world, we invented javelin machine armor, which gives us the ability to surpass ordinary people. Protected by the freedom fighters driving javelin armour, people built walls and created a new civilization in the world. These settlements represent the ideals of the first soldiers: life, freedom and security.



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