Two New Patterns Leaked in Wild Bodyguard OL: Gun Rush and Gun Rush Teams


As shown above, this is an in-game screenshot shared by Reddit user u/Ben Mahagoni. According to the player, the above two modes only appeared for a few seconds and then disappeared.

Generally speaking, the player's explosions are not authoritative, but in addition to the player on Reddit, there are many other players also said that they have seen similar situations.

Reddit user u/donajello1 also said two days ago that it had discovered these two new patterns. "I was about to join a duel series, but suddenly there were two new models, only two seconds. I also recorded the video, in the video. Is it a new model to be added to this week's update?

At present, there are two kinds of guesses about the new model on the network. One is that it could be a big escape mode. There are also views that this may be similar to the Kill Quota model of GTAOL, in which players use weaker and weaker weapons until they finally fight with their fists.



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