Vegetarian: Nut lettuce salad


Raw materials:
Lettuce 40g, purple cabbage 3 pieces, cucumber 50G, small tomato 5 pieces, alfalfa sprouts 10g, pea sprouts 10g, ripe almond slices 15g, cooked pumpkin seeds 5G
Vinegar 30ml, olive oil 60ml, black pepper powder 3G, salt appropriate, lemon juice 10ml
One. Wash lettuce, purple cabbage, peel large areas, bubble ice water, drain water.
Two. Wash and slice cucumber; Wash small tomatoes; Cut half; Wash alfalfa sprouts and pea sprouts and drain water.
Three. Lettuce, purple cabbage in the salad bowl; Discharge into small cucumber slices, small tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts and pea sprouts.
Four. Mix well first, pour in, and then sprinkle with ripe almond slices and cooked pumpkin seeds.
The lettuce must be boiled with ice before it will be brittle, but it must be filtered dry and will not leave the soup after eating the lettuce. This lettuce salad must be eaten immediately after dressing, because lettuce is easily softened by acid.



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