Tap rice water can protect hair?

The red Yao women in the red Yao village of Yaozhai in northern Guangxi, China, all have long hair, and they are generally more than one meter. Their hair protection secret is said to be the ancient recipe of the millennium: homemade rice water. Do we get hair care with rice water? How do I use it? Listen to the local Chinese doctor's analysis.
According to the report, each time the Hongyao girl will leave the first round of concentrated rice water, pour it in the crock, and then bake slowly on the stove. After a few months of baking, the rice is thickened and emits a sour taste that can be used to wash hair.

微信图片_20190516144602.jpgAs for whether we usually have similar hair care effects in the water of rice, Dr. Shen Anning, a Chinese medicine practitioner of Yikang, said in an interview with "Living Well" that washing hair with rice water can really make hair more supple and tough.
Taomi water also has the effect of oil, so it is more suitable for oily hair people. If someone with dry hair uses it, it may cause the hair to get drier.
For people who want to try to wash their hair with rice, Dr. Shen suggested not to use the "fresh" rice water of the day. The newly produced Taomi water has a higher pH value(PH value) and may cause hair loss. Therefore, it is necessary to use it after three to five days.
The doctor suggested that when washing the hair, wash the hair with shampoo first, and then rinse the rice water in the hair. After about five minutes, rinse it.
Postponing white hair? Chinese medicine practitioner: unfounded
The spread of the network, washed with rice water, can delay the growth of white hair. In this regard, Dr. Shenanning pointed out that this claim is unfounded. Tap rice water does not significantly delay the effect of white hair.
Dr Shen said that long white hair is a natural phenomenon. What you can do is to protect your hair and make it healthy.



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