Master Lushan: Demonstrating Buddha

Buddha to survive a pure land. Yuan is a matter of life and death. Old cloud. The Buddha died. Today people are excited. For dying. Just approved the Buddha. Just say Buddha can live or die. If I do not know the root of life and death. After all, where to read. If the heart of Buddha. Can't break the root of life and death. How to live and die. How to live and die. Ancient cloud. The industry is not heavy and does not have a grandmother. Love never gives birth to pure land. It is the root of life and death that knows the root of love. With all beings suffering from life and death. Both love and desire too. Push this root. Not in this life. Or one, two, three, four. Since the beginning of life and death. Life and death. Sacrifice. It's all about love. To this day.

8lxQ-hnfikvc8020164.jpgThink about the past. Heceng has a thought to leave this love root. So much for a seed. Deep robbery. Therefore, life and death are endless. Today, I miss Buddha. Just looking to the West. Not even the name of love as the root of life and death. Heceng had a break. Without knowing the root of life and death. Then read the Buddha while reading. The root of life and death only heard such a prayer. It has nothing to do with life or death. Whatever you say. At the end of my life. I only saw life and death before the root. At that time, it was known that the Buddha was not effective. But complaining about the Buddha doesn't work. Regret it's too late. Therefore, people who advise today to read Buddha. To know that love is the essence of life and death. Now read Buddha. Read to end this love root. That is, daily use now. At home. Children and grandchildren in your eyes. Family property. Nothing is not love. Nothing is a matter of life and death. Like the whole body in a fire pit. I do not know when reading Buddha. Love root in the heart can not put down a thought. As when he was reading Buddha. You can't just say it. Do not know that love is the master. The Buddha is a skin surface. So the Buddha only listens. Love only listens long.

QQ截图20190520152347.pngAnd as the love of children is now. Look back. Can this Buddha fruit defeat this love? Can this love be cut off? If you can't break this love. After all, how to kill. Love is more familiar. The prayer of Buddha is very unfamiliar. It's not practical. So it's not effective. If the current love is not claimed. At the end of his life. After all, we can't argue. Therefore, the Buddhist people are advised. The first thing to know is life and death. Must break the heart of life and death. To read and cut on the root of life and death. It is also the time of life and death. Why stay until the 30th of the lunar month. Just now. Too late. So far it's a matter of life and death. Life and death are now empty. Such thoughts are true. Knife, knife, blood. With all this attention. If you don't die. Then the Buddhas say. Therefore, he became a monk at home. But knowing life and death. Even the time of birth and death. There is no better way.



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