Can women only sit single plate?

Ask master to show mercy. Excuse me, master, can only single set of married women meditate? Which leg is better? How long should I sit for? Ask master to explain the specific method of meditation.

Miao Xiang Master: There are rules in this commandment. The women must have single discs and do not allow double discs. There is no rule that after marriage, it is a single set. Before marriage, it can be double sets. No. Whether you're married or not, it's a single set. I also know that many women, double disk very good, Buddha is compassionate, according to the physiology of the women, so that the single plate can also be entered.
As for which leg is good? Any leg is good, and you can't use one or two legs without one, right? You got ta use it. What does that mean? You can put that leg on the bottom; After tired, you can put this leg down and put that leg on again, regardless of auspicious sitting or Jingangzuo, does not matter. Meditation is just a way, and more importantly, to remove our distractions and delusions through meditation. As long as you get rid of delusions and distractions, you are also called meditation(meditation) even if you are standing, not on the plate and not on the plate.
Of course, there is indeed a special place on the leg plate. One is the return of blood and blood. The lower extremities control the blood circulation, the upper extremities blood circulation must be more. As a result of the retreat, one is that the heart's blood circulation is filled with more, and in addition to our static, we have opened up a microcirculation, which is a side branch cycle(editor's note: medical term, or "lateral branch cycle"). Our heart has a large circulation, thick blood vessels, arteriovenous circulation called large circulation: into the arteries, but the blood is venous blood; It comes out of the veins, but there is arterial blood, which is through breathing, oxygen, so to nourish the heart.

QQ截图20190520152423.pngHowever, the normal practice of the average person, if the meditation time is long, can open up another cycle, that is, the microcirculation discovered in medicine in the past seven years, that is, the tiny blood vessels are all open to reach the second heart, so it is said that the people who meditate have a long life span. It's because he opened up the microcycle.
Of course, you have to sit very well, and this microcycle is not necessary, because there is no me. Without me, he would have no blood vessels or muscles, no bones, no breath. Because this body of the four major groups is itself a sham. Earth, fire, water, wind, although the ground fire water wind is the basic elements of the human body, but it is still a false. If a person is clean and hard to practice, sometimes you do not meditate, sit there and sometimes you can breathe. Even you are looking for breathing. Ouch, how can I not breathe? This is very good.
Therefore, meditation is not only meditation for meditation, but meditation everywhere. What is meditation? This is said in "The Epiphany of the Enlightenment"(Dahu Huihai Zen Master): Sit and see nature as sitting. So sitting meditation Ah, to see, just for sitting. One mind does not chaos for meditation, meditation is such a thing.
As long as we can achieve the nature of sitting, and do not chaos, it is meditation, whether walking, sitting and lying is the same. How do you do that? First, keep your eyes, your mouth, your ears, don't look, don't listen, don't eat, don't sleep. That is, the name of food and sleep must be seen, that is, the eyes, ears, nose and tongue are willing to watch, so that we are meditation.
The way to meditate, which leg can be on the top. Some people's legs can not go down, for example, this person is too fat, he is not only fat, legs are also fat, a plate of this leg up, easy to lean back, sit down, how to do? The back can be covered with a cotton pad, which can be so thick or so, and some pads are so thick(gestures, about three fingers thick). Pad, legs can go down, go down and then slowly withdraw. (gradually no longer need a pad) When you sit down, when you sit down and shake, because there is a muscle pressure, or the mat is blocked, shake it to shake it comfortable, this can sit. While you're sitting, lean on your back collar, lean gently on your back collar, lower jaw, not up, and that's it. If you are thinking enough, naturally he will meditate. So there are many ways to meditate.
As for the question of hand gestures(whether or not you need a handprint), my idea is that you do what you want and pull it down if you don't. Because we sit in meditation, let go of our hands. At first you may need to make a gesture(handprint), and finally you don't want your hands, and people don't want to do this, do you? So don't stick to these arms, legs and hands. But(handprint) this method is still very unique.
The Buddha also said(over) the merits of meditation, which are all in the precepts.



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