The content of the new expansion of Sims 4 has been leaked or is the theme of tropical islands.


Every time before E3 exhibition, there will be a variety of news leaked and exposed in advance. Now EA Origin Store is suspected to leak the content of the new material of Sims 4. Foreign media speculate that these contents may be released on EA Play.

"Sims" community user Joran Jovic speculates that the new expansion may be related to tropical islands, and he has been looking for possible titles such as "Island Life" and "Tropical Paradise". After trying to load Sims: Tropical Paradise, you get 404 error pages; while trying to "Island Life", the product page has a small flash point, but soon entered the error page, but he successfully saved the elements of the page with a browser, and got a lot of information, as well as some screenshots, as follows.

Sit down and relax: Welcome to Sulani, where there are bright sunshine and cold nights. Sitting in a canoe, sailing on the sparkling water, enjoy the scenery. Build a magnificent beach castle, feel the sunshine, and meet mermaids.

Cooperate to help: Become a conservationist of natural resources, clean up beaches and see the islands covered with flowers. Engage in fishing or diving, become a lifeguard, to ensure the safety of local people in the sun, there is no occupation, players can also do some odd jobs, or fishing to make a good meal.

Participation in local culture: Sulani has a long tradition and you can experience everything it offers. Participate in barbecues to learn about local customs, taste unique tropical cuisine, and communicate with the ancestors of the island.



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