Village cadres get married and divorced every one or two months, and they were staring at the money.


"I heard that Liu Xinghong is getting married again. This is his second marriage this year." "Every one or two months he will get married again, but soon he will get divorced again. It's just like a professional household of marriage and divorce"... Recently, the China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Daily disclosed the details of Liu Xinghong, the former leader of the 7th Villager Group of Panlong Village, Shitang Town, Fucheng District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province. After investigation, Liu Xinghong took illegal measures, such as false marriage, false adoption and false birth certificate, to help other people to move into residence and to divide their homesteads so as to obtain compensation for future demolition during his 16 years as head of the villagers'group. The total benefit fee was RMB 13621,000.

In recent years, with the development of urban and rural construction, many villagers have been listed as demolition households, even the overall demolition of village groups. Some village and township cadres thought it was a "good opportunity to make a fortune" and tried all kinds of tricks in order to share the "cheese" in the demolition compensation. For example, Li Mou, a member of Xinhua Village Committee of Xiangtan High-tech Zone in Hunan Province, obtained more than 260,000 yuan of compensation for land expropriation and demolition illegally by borrowing other people's daughters-in-law's pregnancy examination; Yang Mou, former head of demolition section of Renhe Town Government in Shunyi District of Beijing, used reverse-signing lease agreement and other means to cheat others for 14.92 million yuan of compensation for demolition and demolition. Liu Xinghong mentioned above used "flash marriage" and "flash divorce" and so on. The director even personally acted a farce of "false marriage" and "real wealth" in order to cheat money by any means.

Everyone sees benefits but no harm. Fish sees food and no hook. Freedom of marriage is a basic right of citizens, but if we use legal means to cover up illegal purposes, infringe on the interests of the masses and cause losses to the state, severe punishment will come sooner or later. In Liu Xinghong's case, the marriage event has long lost its original solemnity and prudence, and has completely become a tool to seize private interests. When his heart was filled with the desire for money and material benefits, Liu Xinghong ignored the unusual and contemptuous eyes of the villagers around him, leaving behind the membership of the Party, Party discipline and national law. So wanton, waiting for him will only regret the bitter consequences of the original.

Village cadres are in the front line of rural work, which is an important link between the Party and the people. Their own behavior directly relates to the image and prestige of the Party and the government among the masses. To prevent such phenomena, we need to strengthen the supervision of relevant funds, adopt and implement the publicity system, implement the reporting system of personal affairs of Party members and cadres, tighten the fence from the system, and eradicate the soil where corruption breeds. At the same time, we should also strengthen the work style construction of village cadres and the education of their ideals, beliefs and purpose awareness, guide them to establish correct three views, define their own position and responsibilities, better achieve the right for the people, benefit for the people, do things for the people, and truly perform the last mile of serving the people.



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