The origin of Guanyin Bodhisattva

From these two simple sentences, we can understand that Amitabha Buddha and Guanyin Bodhisattva are generally respected by our people....


Can women only sit single plate?

Ask master to show mercy. Excuse me, master, can only single set of married women meditate? Which leg is better? How long should I sit...


Master Lushan: Demonstrating Buddha

Buddha to survive a pure land. Yuan is a matter of life and death. Old cloud. The Buddha died. Today people are excited. For dying. Jus...


Tap rice water can protect hair?

The red Yao women in the red Yao village of Yaozhai in northern Guangxi, China, all have long hair, and they are generally more than on...


Vegetarian: Nut lettuce salad

Raw materials:Lettuce 40g, purple cabbage 3 pieces, cucumber 50G, small tomato 5 pieces, alfalfa sprouts 10g, pea sprouts 10g, ripe alm...

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